Our main area of commercial activity is fossil fuels trading and the provision of rail transport services. The company is also involved in trade support services including hedging, and trade finance consulting. The purchase and sale of Energy Sector receivables is considered on a select basis.

90% of our sales volume of fine coal takes place via shuttle shipments servicing the activities our foreign trade partners.

More information on each area of our business can be found in corresponding tabs.

Fossil Fuels
In the case of fossil fuels, we specialize in the supply of fine coal for heating and commercial power, including coal dust combusted in fluidized bed boilers.

We can offer fine coal or fine coal mixtures in respect of the values presented below:

Parameters Unit Range
Granulation mm 0-20 or 0-10
Qir MJ/kg 18,0 – 27,0
Ar % 10,0 – 27,0
Wtr % 7,0 – 16,0
Atr % 0,4 – 1,2

We also offer wholesale supplies of clean fuels such as eco-pea coal (granulation 5-25 mm) or pea coal (granulation 5-31.5 mm) with a calorific value of 24-26 MJ/kg.

We are able to provide solid fuels in EA wagons (open wagons) or hopper FALS type wagons (Talbot). We prefer to deliver whole trainload quantities ranging between 1.000-2.400 Mg. We also provide sorting facilities with up to 1 million MT of sorting capacity p.a., and sidings.

In addition, our contracted processing plant has the capability to enrich raw coal creating higher classes. We also provide services in connection with the recovery of coal from slag heaps and waste coal.

Rail Transport

We provide services in the field of rail transport of bulk goods: mainly coal and aggregates. We are distinguished by the ability to rapidly provide a quote and execute orders efficiently.

We provide the option to execute services with the help of wagons: EA (open wagons) or hopper FALS. Transported shipments can be executed in compact configurations in a weight range of 1000-2400 Mg.

In order to obtain a specific offer, please send your inquiry to the appropriate e-mail:

biuro@v-project.org or via the “Contact” tab

Trade Consulting Services

Consulting provided by our company is mainly focused on assisting Polish manufactures who need to source bulk materials for their own production and traders who import and export and require assistance in the following areas:

  • sourcing global suppliers
  • sourcing global off takers
  • full logistics support for both bulk goods importers and exporters
  • state of the art FX hedging solutions from our London based partner Noble
  • alternative and traditional domestics and global trade financing solutions.
  • payment solutions for Polish exporters selling into emerging markets
  • identifying applicable export guarantee programs
  • overall strategic analysis and diagnosis

If you are interested in cooperation or are willing to obtain more detailed information, please send your inquiry to the following e-mail address: biuro@v-project.org

Energy Sector Receivables Management

One of the fastest forms of recovering your receivables is their disposal by assignment.

This gives you an immediate opportunity to enter such receivables as deductible expenses without incurring additional legal costs and enforcement, allow you to close analytical accounts and the diminution of reserves created for doubtful debts.

We are interested in purchasing select Polish Energy Sector receivables. Terms and prices are always negotiated individually. All procedures relating to the preparation of agreements on transfer of receivables are carried out by our business office.

Any offers regarding the purchase or sale of receivables should be addressed to: